Ethnic Music

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Ethnic music is the source of all other categories of music. It is as old as the human species. Long before there were any formal methods or systems of annotation, the world wide ethnic music was supporting and embellishing the lives of our ancestors.
The subsequent methodologies and systems of musical notation have materialized from the need to capture and preserve the stunningly beautiful patterns of sound and silence that was coming down in uninterrupted streams from the times immemorial. But this attempt to dissect and preserve the music that is essentially fluid and unfathomable equates with a vain effort to describe the flight path of a bird via some mathematical equation.

Luckily, the recent portable recording technology, coupled with the phenomenal enthusiasm of many musicologists around the world, have finally managed to capture the essence of many of the priceless gems of the world's original music. Alas, as we are rejoicing this fact, those same precious cultures are dying the agonizing death caused by the transnational corporate terror, all in the name of profit. Not only are the habitats, that made possible those marvelous musical inventions, being exploited and destroyed, thus obliterating the substratum for any future creations; the people, too, are being rudely coerced into slavishly mimicking the zombie-like behavior of the people from the so-called "developed" countries. This "new world order" rests on the vision that everybody must be fed the same "happy meal", must listen to the same lifeless Top 10 list of synthetic monotonous 'music', must wear the same type of clothing, must watch the same CNN channel, and so forth... Only such a monolithic mass of people can be easily controlled and manipulated.
On the bright side, people who manage to discover the beauty of the indigenous, ethnic music, realize that there is no going back -- never again will they indulge in consuming the tasteless, lifeless products that have been spoon-fed to them by their own governments and corporations.
These pages are dedicated to exploring the areas of music which have not been created with the intent to brain wash and manipulate anybody. Ethnic music is the undefiled expression of our everyday lives.

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