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Guitar is quite possibly the most popular and also one of the most difficult musical instruments. The reasons for its world-wide appeal may lie in the deceptive ease with which anyone can pick it up, and in a matter of days start playing some simple songs. To achieve similar level of musicality in such a short time on other instruments (like, piano, violin, flute, etc.) would be literally impossible.

But, ah, how misleading this ease will turn out to be as soon as you endeavor to play any non-trivial piece of music on guitar! Truth is, only rarely gifted people can reach impressive levels of guitar mastery in a matter of only a couple years. The rest of us must be prepared to spend years and years (if not decades!) of hard work if we are ever to see our practice turn into the sweet fruit of guitar music-making.

Many people, who have subjected themselves to the painstaking "walk through the desert" of practising guitar diligently for many years, will invariably tell us that it was all worth it. Once we reach the level where we can truly utilize our guitar to the fullest, we experience joy that is rarely tasted by others. But, I may be preaching to the choir here.

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