Between Nothingness And Eternity (Mahavishnu Orchestra Live, 1973)

La Mere De La Mer

A Contribution By Mark Anderson

Our friend from the legendary oneword mailing list, Mark Anderson, who, despite his title: Mr Unreliable, Min of Dis-Inf (JM Dept), is one of the best resources on McLaughlin and his music, was kind enough to send in his extraordinary analysis of one of the most intense moments from this recording. Read and enjoy:

Wow! Kind of makes you want to rush to your CD player and re-listen to this piece with a new set of ears, doesn't it? I'd like to thank Mark for a wonderful job, and I certainly hope he will find some time to contribute and to illuminate McLaughlin's music some more in the future.

Note: I strongly urge you to download Mark's rendition of the "Get Down And Sruti/Honky Tonk Heaven" compositions by John McLaughlin (cick here to download it). You're in for a treat!