Lotus on Irish Streams

A contribution by Patrik McArdle

Your review of 'The Inner Mounting Flame' is splendid. This record was my first introduction to JMcL (in '73) and it overwhelmed me. With this album, music shifted from being two-dimensional to three-dimensional, just on hearing the first few bars of 'Meeting of the Spirits'.

I never listened to Clapton again.

The whole album was a 'revelation, a spiritual experience.

For me, being Irish, 'A Lotus on Irish Streams' is of special significance. The title is to my mind a profound political statement by John. A lotus is a plant which induces forgetfulness. And what Ireland needed then and now is the will to forget the past and go forward, like a stream, in unity to the sea of fulfilment. Hence, the Lotus on Irish 'streams' (plural), as there are many 'political streams' in Ireland. Thanks John.