Paris Combo

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The biggest surprise on the contemporary world music scene is definitely this mega talented musical conglomerate. No, their name is not a mockup (or, a wannabe) name -- they are coming strictly from Paris and they bring all the excitement of the most lavish city in the world with them. First time I saw this combo was on this year's North American tour, and they simply blew the crowd away!

Their CD is definitely a must-have for any serious world music lover. It would be impossible to say which is better -- their CD or their live performance. Both possess quite unique and irresistible charms, and both are surprisingly different from anything you've ever heard.

The band simply defies any categorization. The only fair assessment of their brand of music would be that it is a fin de siecle hodge-podge of a Middle-and-Eastern European music (including Gypsy music), combined with a home-grown cabaret (spiced with a bit of Edith Piaff), some anonymous hotel lounge music, theatrical backing music, Algerian, Turkish and Far Eastern music, plus some progressive and avant-garde jazz, peppered with the "Hot Five" Djangoesque antics. Of course, the preceding lame attempt at categorizing it is doing grave injustice to this gorgeous music, which must be heard in order to be really appreciated.


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