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Philosophy is the most grandiose intellectual game that we humans have been playing for more than five thousand years. It is the ultimate achievement of rational thinking. To answer the question: "why must we turn our capability to think rationally into a game?" we should point to the fact that it is only through this, and similar games (see Science) that we can overcome the self-centered limitations that are inherent in common-sense thinking.

Now, the ability to think common-sense thoughts also displays the propensity for rational thinking. However, this common-sense thinking, based on our Ratio, does not utilize that same Ratio to the fullest. Thus, it's a shame to stop short and not allow the full potential of rational thinking to flourish.

The body of philosophic thinking is not monolithic -- there are many different, even opposing approaches to this discipline. In general, we can divide the entire body of philosophical research into these three broad categories: ontology, epistemology, and esthetics.


Epistemology Esthetics Limitations Of Philosophy  

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