My Artwork

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As I have mentioned in my short biography section, ever since my early childhood I was involved in producing various works of art (typically, drawings, oil paintings, watercolor and pastels).
What I'll be able to showcase on these pages is mostly my early work (smaller formats). These are the paintings and drawings that have a strong sentimental value to me, because they illustrate my initial steps. I would not part with some of these pieces easily. The other reason I'm displaying those smaller formats is practical -- I don't have a big enough scanner to fit those bigger pieces, plus many of these are scattered among friends and family (and exist in different countries and continents).

To view any of the pictures displayed bellow, just click on it; that will enlarge it to a size that's more suitable for viewing.
Early Spring (watercolor, March 1974)

Apricot Blossom (pencil on paper, March 1974)

 Spring Onions (watercolor, March 1974)

 Grandmother (paper on pencil, August 1981)


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