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One of the most potent and powerful aspects of the overall body of human cultural endeavors is art. Most other areas of human expressiveness are severely constrained by their inherent sequential nature (for example music, poetry, literature, dance, etc. All those activities by necessity must unfold in time.) Art is one of the rare endeavors of human spirit where the Reality gets to be expressed instantaneously. The only thing that could come close to such powerful expressiveness is the use of silence in music and poetry. Similar to the best works of art, silence, when used masterfully, conveys the Truth immediately.

Typically, art in general is split into two broad categories:

(I am not aware of any division to a Southern and/or a Northern art)

My background and my training are strictly geared toward Western art forms. While I certainly marvel at the glorious artistic achievements of the Islamic, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Japanese, Burmese and many other Eastern cultures, I am incapable of approaching these works in any analytical manner. It is my hope, therefore, that we will be joined by experts on these forms of art expressions who will be willing to educate us by contributing their views, or by contributing the relevant link to the resources.

Meanwhile, we will delve into discussing certain aspects of the traditional and modern Western art forms (please click on Western art to proceed).


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