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Music is one of those wondrous things that have the uncanny power to connect us to who we really are. Similar to the art, poetry, literature, theater and other creative human activities, music is a "ready made" magic potion -- the one who takes it gets to be magically transformed into an awake and alive being. To achieve the same level of clarity without consuming music and art, one would need to devote lots of time to an intense practice and to still one's mind for a truly long time.

In a way, then, music is a "free ride" for those of us who are willing to stop and listen.

Once we stop and truly listen, we all of a sudden forget all about ourselves, about our worldly troubles, worries and toils. The self-concern is abruptly gone, but the self-awareness is that much more heightened. We realize that the music which brought us to this wondrous state is the messenger of something far greater than we can imagine.

The mystery of music lives forever. Here are some of the areas of musical discipline that will survive the history and will keep us awake in realization of who we really are for ever and ever. To delve deeper into some of these areas, click on the category of your choice.

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